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Section 4. The articles from 1972-73 on the unigravitational field. Premise.

Section 4  Premise: current view on the new physic.

We report the articles published among the years 1972-73, on the Neapolitan magazine Tempo nuovo: articles we consider fundamental for the theoretical overview of the unigravitational field and  at the same time would be unavailable for the modern readers. We are giving a short clarification ahead each of them about their meaning (given by the time of the draft).

A valid clarification for all the three is the following: the original graphics coming along them must be read basing on the kind of magazine and of readers they were directed to. Therefor how they are made and their dimensions are not proportionally corresponding to the values required by  the mathematical rigor.  However, this is not removing in any way the validity of the theoretical exposure made in the text. The articles are the following:

A) Magnetism and earthquakes. Prediction of earthquakes.

B) Magnetism and heat.

C) Gravity and other “forces”.

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A) Magnetism and earthquake. Prediction of earthquakes.

Premise.    Recent earthquakes (September-October 1997), that affected the towns of the Appennino in the regions Umbria and Marche, give us the evidence of the inconclusiveness of the contemporary scientism in it’s attempt of giving explanation and making forecasts about phenomena whose true nature and origin are completely ignored. An amount of declarations continuously denied …

B) Magnetism and heat (First Part).

B) Magnetism and heat (First Part). B) Magnetism and heat (First Part). Premise: Origin of cancer. The cause that disrupt the cellular nucleus is the same that make a supernova explode.     The second article of this section returns on the actuality of the new physic faced with problems that, although not of time but …

B) Magnetism and heat (Second Part)

              B) Magnetism and heat (Second part). B) Magnetism and heat (Second Part).    We premise a brief junction with the first part. In the preceding part we discussed, among the other things, of the contraction or expansion of a gravitational system because of some extraordinary interaction. The orbiting …

B) Magnetism and heat (Third part).

 B) Magnetism and heat (Third part).  Heat as a biological reactive: fever. The natural prophylaxis of tumors.   PREMISE The study now made of thermodynamic on gravitational basis gives us the scientific instrument to face in a absolutely objective way, without emotive implications, the problem of cancer, which we mentioned in the premise to “Magnetism and …

C) Gravity and the other forces. (Part One).

C) Gravity and the other “forces”. (First Part). C) Gravity and other “forces”. (First Part). PREMISE.  Readers should now pay much attention: they now have the textual documentation of what we anticipated in chap.2.6 (Gravity-Mass). The first document pubblished here cronologically follows thirteen years the second, that is the last of the three works pubblished on …

C) Gravity and the other “forces”. (Second part).

C) Gravity and the other “forces”. (Second Part). C) Gravity and the other “forces”. (Second Part).   Article from: Tempo nuovo, Naples 1973, nn.5-6: The unigravitational field  GRAVITY AND THE OTHER “FORCES” (Second part). by Renato Palmieri In the modern physics the methods for the measure of mass are the most improper one could imagine …