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Chap.2.7 The “mystery” of gravitational waves.

Chapter 2.7  The “mystery” of gravitational waves.

This first part of our investigation ends with one of the most obvious cases of today’s physicists’ theoretical blindness, which pairs with unrecognizing the gravitation dipole.

As said, physicists have been looking for the “gravitational waves” with huge devices to uncover mysterious stellar vibrations caused by disasters like the explosion of novae or supernovae. They just did not realize that we are surrounded toghether with the whole the universe by an infinite ocean of gravitational waves, since gravitation, “universal” in fact, must be intrinsically a wave.

They need to understand that electromagnetic waves, with their frequencies and lengths, are gravitational: they are the “roads” of smaller bodies whom the cosmic matter is made of eo it begins to be assembled  with. This doesn’t means that the gravitational waves, beyond the airwaves for longer length and lesser frequency, don’t exist, but – of course – that they are not perceptible by adequate human instruments, as a vehicle for macroscopic bodies or macrocosmic, up to stars and galaxies. In fact, even for what concerns the electromagnetic waves, our instruments do not record the waves themselves, but the profile of wavefronts drawn from their particle load. This is obviously impossible to obtain instrumentally when wavefront on which very large bodies travel are involved.

In the second part of this work we will see in depth geometry, function and structural effects of the gravitational field. For now we just want to anticipate that beyond the electromagnetic waves,it is possible to distinguish two other ranges of gravitational waves, characterized by ever-decreasing frequency and greater length greater: the mesomagnetic and the megamagnetic waves.

Also from the wave point of view, ultimately, there is no difference between the gravitational and other forces, commonly but erroneously considered different. The name “unigravitational” for new physics is so fully reasoned.

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