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Section 3.

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Chap.3.1 The Cosmological Equation.

Chapter 3.1  The Cosmological Equation.    § 1. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN TWO GRAVITATIONAL SOURCES. In chap.1.9 we have been talking about a fundamental relationship in between the law of gravitation, and hence in our “cosmological equations”. We have been referring to it as the relatonship between peripheral mass and central mass. Actually the meaning of the term …

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Chap.3.2 The Ortodynamic Equation.

Chapter 3.2  The Ortodynamic Equation (CORRECTION OF THE UNIVERSAL GRAVITATION FORMULA BY NEWTON).     § 1. In this chapter we will explain the precise meaning of the values “a” and “ a’ ” (gravitational intensity), from which our universal equation derives. This way we will try to bring contemporary physicists, vainly engaged into “the great …

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Chapter 3.3 The “primitive” propagation (a ‘/ a = 0).

The undulatory gravitation.  A)  The gravitational  propagation. Chap.3.3  The “primitive” propagation (a ‘/ a = 0).    § 1. The universal  geometry of the undulatory  gravitational function and its temporal scan (frequency) are embedded in the structural  law of the elementary particle. It should be this way,  and only the dull empiricism of modern physics could …

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Chap.3.4 The “composed” propagation (0

Chapter 3.4   The  “composed”  propagation  (0 <a ‘/ a <= 1).    § 1. We present three new figures, of  which we will  give successively constructive instructions and physical  illustration as we did for the first two.From them we will show that a precise mathematical law, contained in the cosmological equation, regulates the undulatory gravitational …

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Chap.3.5 The fundamental magnetic field.

Chapter 3.5  The fundamental magnetic field.    § 1. Now we will reveal the secret of the structure of an ordinary magnetic field, the one shown to  students – still unaware of the theoretical inconsistency of physics of their study books – with  the usual experiment with iron filings which is gathered around a small magnetized …

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Chapter 3.6  Fenomeni universali di campo: “undulatory composition”, “pulsazione” e “interincidenza”. Premessa. A) The “undulatory composition”: from  photonic waves to galactic waves. (part One).    § 1. The undulatory composition, ie the spherical connection between waves of different gravitational sources,  is only possible because the primary source (the photon) is a source of eccentric propagation. This …

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