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Chap.1.7Here are the basics of Unigravitational Physics…

Chapter 1.7  Here are the basics of Unigravitational Physics…



Current Physics shows that the only source of a gravitational field is a unique, invisible and fundamental particle which all matter is made of: the absolute atom (not what is now improperly called “atom”). This particle is meant to be an infinitesimal unit producing light: the photon. The title of this chapter stems from this last concept: universe is light. According to this thesis, the words photon and graviton designate the same thing. In support of this assertion we can say that no graviton has ever been found by contemporary physicists.

For the time being, we must imagine this particle as a point-unit, whose effects and primordial functioning can be determined through geometrical means.



According to a precise scientific law, which lies at the bottom of the cosmological equation, the photon-graviton perturbs the inter-material medium that our ancestors used to call ether and whose existence is mistakenly denied by contemporary physicists due to the misinterpretation of the Michelson-Morley experiment. Nevertheless, the existence of ether is mathematically confirmed by other experiments and arguments which, in their turn, have been misinterpreted by contemporary scientists to the sake of further unacceptable theories, like Relativism.

 Ether perturbation is neither a random nor a senseless expression, like the relativistic concept of “curved space”, deriving from a rightful intuition in itself (with its observable consequences, like light deflation etc…). It is instead an undulatory field run by geometrical and functional laws that can be mathematecally determined. The validity of these laws is fully demonstrated in all the examined phenomena.



The only effect of the gravitational field is clearly gravitation. It is “universal” in the full sense of the word, since it includes all kinds of phenomena, from the subatomic microcosm to the macrocosm of galaxy clusters, both relying on the same scientific law:  the progressive geometric and functional composition law (the already mentioned “undulatory conjugation”), which does not split the nuclear and electromagnetic phenomena from those linked to macroscopic gravitation. It also adds the elementary fields to more and more complex fields, cancelling any apparent differences among them.

The effects of gravitation are the presence of structured matter (meant as the formation of the bodies) and the general dynamic balance among all bodies forming the universe. In the following pages we will see that this mechanism utterly excludes phenomena like the “gravitational collapse”, the “neutron stars”, the “black holes”, the “big bang”, the “universe expansion”, the “galaxy escape”; these are real conceptual monsters created by the misinterpretation of natural phenomena admitting a completely different explanation, which will be better analysed in the following pages.


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