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Renato Palmieri and the Unigravitational System

The race of so many scientist for the reunion of the different strength (gravity, electromagnetism, strong and weak nuclear) has come to an end thanks to Renato Palmieri. In this website is given the great part of his works, which begun in the 1969, where he shows that the gravitation is the only strength acting in the universe.

Resume of the Unigravitational System (cared by Fulvio Cusani).

I begin talking about the geometry of the gravitational field: it is in classic way said as spheric waves departing from a central point of emission, on the model of sound waves. In the picture 1 we have drawn two oh them: it is geometrically evident that the waves of one INTERSECT, propagating, those of the other, but they can’t never find themselves to concur spatially, since the centers of the two groups of wave are different: the geometry of the classic model, is unprolific, the universe would be in this way an intersection of spherics waves (pict. 2) that don’t allow any hylic aggregation, it’s missing the condition of the orientation ATTRACTIVE and CENTRIPETAL of the gravity.


.  Picture 1

                                                                                      Picture 2.

Here’s in the other side in reality the geometry of the wawelike-gravitational field of base (that of every single photon, which is as we’ll see the littlest material particle and the only “brick” of wath is made the material), shown in his development in the sequence of Picture 3 (seen on an equatorial level):


Picture 3.

The circumferences describe  spheric waves which don’t spread in a symmetrically concentric way, according the instinctive way to conceive a wavelike phenomenon, but in an eccentric way, spreading and rotating around the “insufflation” center (we can compare to some soap bubbles insufflated on an equatorial level from an aside hole of a sipper rotating on itself, sipper that correspond to the polar axis North-South of the wavelike field, which in those pictures is in the center of the red circumference, and it appears like a dot, because it is perpendicular to the picture).

At this point, if we draw the wavelike fields of two photons, we can see how at a certain moment, AT ANY IS THE DISTANCE, their waves go to coincide spherically, whether they rotate in the same sense (pictures 4a and 4b), or they rotate in opposite way (picture 5):

                                                                                    Picture 4a

                                                                                      Picture 4b.

                                                                                       Picture 5.

Picture 5: The left source has anti clockwise sense, the right clockwise sense.

The spheric coincidence of waves of two gravitational sources is said ondulatory COMPOSITION, because it leads to the formation of a third propagation, of different width, frequency and intensity, said PROPAGATION DAUGTHER, in this case of CONCENTRIC type, independent from the two parents propagations, every of them absorb part of the impulse, according to precise laws of composition that we don’t get deeper, as it appears clearly in the picture 4b and in picture 5.

If we add the diameters of the circumferences, we can notice that their extremities draw a LOGARITMIC SPIRAL (picture 6) based on the GOLDEN SECTION; here is the mathematic reason of all the structures wrapped to the golden section, which the official science ignores every reason, only saying that they are very frequent in nature (in molecular biology, crystallography, phyllotaxis, etc.).

Picture 6.

Pic.6: we have added the diameters and the logarithmic spiral, in outline.

The eccentric geometry of the gravitational field of base and his following compositions, allow us to explain etiologically ALL the shapes of the universe, ruled by an SINGLE, simple equation.

But as soon as we go on let’s introduce the concept of ETHER, essential to understand the following deepening, with two subjects.


By the light of the second principle of Dynamic, F = m x a (Force = mass per acceleration), we analyze the results of two experiments:

In the first experiment, a parachutist leaps himself from an airplane in free falling, that is with the parachute closed; in the second experiment, in an accelerator of particles I accelerate these particles in the empty thanks to an electromagnetic field. The two experiments, the forst in the air, the second in the empty, give results perfectly analogs: the parachutist (the mass m), attracted from the force of gravity (F), as he falls in the athmosphere, which resist to the motion, reaches a maximum constant speed while the acceleration vanishes (until he opens the parachute). The particles in the empty behave exactly like the parachutist in the air: once reached a limit speed (which is for the littlest particles, the photons, in the empty, almost 300.000 Km/sec), the acceleration vanishes. Exist then also in the empty, an implement, THE ETHER, that opposes to the corpus motion an analog resistance, even – as obvious – much weaker than that shown in a material implement like is the air of the athmosphere: if we deny the existence of the ether in the second experiment, is as if we deny the existence of the air in the first experiment: then to keep constant the product mxa =F, I have to hypnotize (relativity theory) that the mass m of the parachutist increases, reaching out the INFINITE, when “a”  (acceleration) vanishes! In a parallel way the application of the “relativistic augment of mass”, applied to the photon, attributes to this last a so called “rest mass”, equal to ZERO, to avoid it gains an infine mass to his normal speed: they are pure mathematic artifice, as f, in the measurement of a real PHYSICAL entity – even tough midget –  the zero contains a less logic difficult of the infinite!

SECOND ITEM (outwit the wave-particle duality)

If we throw  a stone into the lake, observe two phenomena a joint, the fall of the stone and the ripples from this caused in the water: the wave then leads to the boat of a child.

Another event, a policeman whistle to a contravention. The two phenomena connected are now the metallic vibration of the whistle and the  sound waving of the air: the trill arrives at the eardrums of the motorist. Physically we say that the  events that have occurred are twofold:

a) particle (stone or whistle)

 b) wave like (produced wave)

Suppose now that I ignore the presence of water or air, then I will have to identify the waves produced with stone or with the whistle from which they originate. Therefore I’ll say  that the lake was beaten from the stone in corpuscular-aspect, while the boat has been reached by the stone in  wavelike aspect: I will say that the lips hold the whistle.  in corpuscular aspect, however the eardrum is beaten by the whistle in wavelike aspect. I will  add that each of the two aspects excludes the other in a determined experience where the object manifests itself: referring to the point of the lake beaten by the stone, this is particle and cannot be wavelike: conversely, for the  boat: for the whistle is wavelike and cannot be particle; conversely for the lips.

Now, let’s replace the stone or the whistle of subatomic particles, which, in a vacuum, in the absence of any sensible implement, manifest themselves now with aspect corpuscular, now with wave-like appearance.

Recur so identical the two solutions of the first argument:

First solution: the WAVELIKE appearance is relevant to an implement WAVE, that is ETHER, and the PARTICLE aspect to the PARTICLE ITSELF.  THE UNDULATION OF THE ETHER IS INVISIBLE, OR RATHER, IS NOT

PERCEIVABLE IN ITSELF, BUT FOR THE INVOLVED MATTER: as if the Lake ripple produced by the ripple stone was visible only by tiny floating pumice stones, whose progressive swing draws the passing of the wave. There is therefore an absolute no material medium (ether) and therefore not perceptible by material tools, but whose presence manifests itself concretely, physically, in all phenomena in the universe.

The second solution rejects the logic of ether, which coordinates and solves both problems (slow motion of the particles of the first argument and wave-particle dualism) and advocates the idea of the corpuscular stone or whistle and of  the wave-like whistle, or stone, by adding it to the mass increases with speed and defining this mental confusion “uncertainty principle”, which is nothing more than a “principle of admission of ignorance”.

Having spoken of the ether we can now delve into the form and function of gravitational waves: each wave is a sphere tangent to the emission point A (see fig. 7), containing a second non-concentric sphere. The two spheres delimitate this way a spherical cavity of maximum thickness at the point of Insufflation and minimum thickness to his extreme antipode, corresponding to the B wave extreme diameter.

Picture 7.

The spherical cavity (denoted α) is physically a zone of RAREFACTION of the ether, with ATTRACTIVE-CENTRIPETAL  effect on surrounding matter. It is the reason that makes gravitational waves the “roads” that photons will launch each other covering along the arches and intersections of waves produced by other photons. The width of the cavity corresponds to gravitational intensity that is so high in inflation and minimum point in his antipode, and goes to decrease gradually as the wave propagates.

Then the wave field propagates according to the logarithmic spiral (fig. 8, light blue arrow), but the attractive effect follows the same spiral in the opposite direction, CENTRIPETAL (fig. 8, yellow arrow), with geometrical and functional laws mathematically determined, which are still experiencing in all physical phenomena.

Picture 8.

I walked far enough in particular because it was vital to explain the importance of ether for understanding physical phenomena, and for the “opening up”, so to speak, that gives to metaphysics.

We can now explain why the ONLY FORCE operating in the physical world is the FORCE OF GRAVITY, ONLY ATTRACTIVENESS (which we called UNIGRAVITAZIONAL, because it also includes the electromagnetic force and the weak and strong nuclear forces). In nature THERE is NO REPULSION, but only ATTRACTION.

We represent the effects of swirling-centripetal propagation with value exclusively attractive, with a similitude:

Let’s imagine in a pond of boats of various sizes, equipped with an engine capable of causing all around a vortex is proportional to the size of the boat itself. The engine has no driving ability each boat would stay in the same pond point, if it were not attracted by vortices of other boats to which, sucked, it moves. The bigger the boat, the greater the force with which attracts others and less acceleration with which it proceeds towards the other reels. There are three possible outcomes:

1) the boat ends at the bottom of the vortex of another, (and this one of the first), forming a composed boat and a new Vortex, the sum of the previous two: this outcome is called “collision”.

2) the boat, while tilting toward the nearby whirlpools, doesn’t fall in, but curving around each vortex will glare from them because ATTRACTED by all other vortices: is running to “escape” (but it would be more correct to say “detour”) towards the vortices that are unable to definitively suck it.

3) the boat is in dynamic equilibrium between the attraction of a vortex and circonigh vortices, and turn with a certain stability around the same Vortex (also now the motion of two boats is mutual), without being the boats correspond to material bodies, the vortexes correspond to  sucked in but even managing to escape: is this the “orbits“.

In this orbitation the gravitational attraction exerted to each other from the bodies, the pond to outer space.  Take heed to the effects described in paragraphs 1, 2)) and 3). You will see that it manifested an action of one kind, precisely an attractive style.  In step 2), that we have clearly towards one of the vortices as it does in 1) and 3), seems to escape by all, and we have this appearance led to believe that now the action is repulsive-type, i.e. that the boat is “rejected” rather than attracted, like really, apart from other boats.

It is precisely the mistake that fall, when physicists argue that the electrostatic force “is not only attractive but also repulsive, pursuing a positive and negative particles (and neutral). In fact if you approach two magnets in opposite polarity (+e-), these attract each other; If the approach in equal polarity,

There is a spiral movement, a REVERSAL that leads them  once again to join … It is clear that the gravitational field and magnetic field are the same thing: the electromagnetic field is nothing but a high gravitational field polarization, as well as all matter is polarized; from photon up to larger galaxies, we always find a rotation axis and an equatorial plane. But the model of classical physics, concentric waves and isotropic (isotropic = which possesses the same physical qualities in all directions of space), excludes the possibility of ipso facto polarization and double misleading of electromagnetic and gravitational field.  The gravity is also considered very weak at a nuclear level, since it is calculated according to Newton’s law that bypasses (in addition to polarity) the density of the matter, that at the level of atomic nuclei is immensely higher than the density of matter is measurable in the macrocosm.  In fact the two parameters and polarization density, introduced by Renato Palmieri to completion of Newton’s formula, sweep away even the so-called nuclear forces and unify the forces from macrocosm to microcosm.

I want now shoot a little talk about photons: the universe consists solely of a POWDER of photons, that is – we might say, for their sensitive event – of LIGHT. The classical physics imagines the photon only in quick race in space: as if electrons exist only in the running in electricity, and not also orbiting around a stable atomic nuclei, as we all know.  But when we turn on a match, from where come photons emitted but from matter that contained them already? It is well known that photons are the latest product of all atomic and subatomic transformations, “fragments” smaller than any physical breakdown: matter is a concentrated of light.

I do  just a hint to another wonderful discovery of Renato (but there are still so many!): the Cosmological Equation expressed graphically by a computer program called Olopòiema, which expresses the relationship between two gravitational sources and can produce, based on this unique equation, all forms of the universe, ranging from forms of φ (logarithmic spiral eccentric), forms of π (guided by the concentric spiral of Archimedes).

In this summary I have only exposed the arguments which I consider important for a first introduction to THE  Unigravtational  physics, apart from the countless “readings” of a variety of physical phenomena, astrophysicists, biological, geological, etc., that academic science does not explain or give misinterpretation if not fanciful, of which our good Renato gives a unique and comprehensive explanation.


But what is the unigravitazional physic? ( Corrado Valletta)

Is the answer to the age-old dream of unification, of a unit, the basis of all natural phenomena, and its synthesis in a single and universal mathematical law that describe them in simple and complete way.

Risky in the past, many famous scientists, this unification effort has produced, Yes, abstracts that have shown validity and effectiveness in certain fields of application, “but brought together – as Peter-George Fusco, particle physicist at the University of Bari – a complication and a multiplication, so the opposite of a unification, at a General level”. In this context, continues p. Fuscus -, with an attitude that may seem foolhardy, fits the Renato Palmieri enterprise, who does not try to make corrections to the current scientific system, but proposes to replace it with a completely new approach since its foundation.

Gravitation and atomic forces are “in essence – explains Fusco – just different manifestations, with different intensity, same strength, which can be described mathematically with a wording similar to that of Newton’s law, but more complete.

The author introduces a formula that contains the parameters that are negligible in the macrocosm, but decisive in microcosm, and then, depending on the modulation, this formula would be can be applied to all phenomena.

With this plant, Renato Palmieri ensures, therefore, a practical direction to metaphysics and, at the same time, contemporary physics, bestows the philosophic implication for too long concealed by paradigm dominant monopoly abstruse scientific a few “initiates” and responsible for horrible crimes against humanity.

«Formulate – clarifies Palmieri – an indictment against physical-cosmological doctrines that too long obscure minds and consciences, with theoretical fantasies of all kinds, taken in common sense to “dogmas” of science».

true scientific knowledge in general information of current conceptions about the universe. Hence the need for a radical change of paradigm, which give coherence to human thought, putting him back in the wake of a modern Renaissance».

The “second Copernican revolution” (which subtitles Unigravitazionale physics courses) sought by Palmieri is already under way.

Gravitation is polarized: planets, stars, galaxies have an axis of rotation with two poles and an equatorial expansion. Newtonian gravitation is isotropic: “ignore” the polarization and is therefore radically wrong, making impossible any unifying theory.

All modern theoretical physics, from Newton to date, has indeed a “Ptolemaic” role, including his relativistic deformation. It is historical necessity Unigravitational Physic (polarized and anisotropic), like heliocentrism of Copernic to the geocentrism of Tolomeo.

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