The Unigravitational System

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Section 1. Main page. Introduction at the Unigravitational Physics.

Main page Renato Palmieri and the Unigravitational System The race of so many scientist for the reunion of the different strength (gravity, electromagnetism, strong and weak nuclear) has come to an end thanks to Renato Palmieri. In this website is given the great part of his works, which begun in the 1969, where he shows …

Section 2. Why Unigravitational physics.

Section 3.

Section 4. The articles from 1972-73 on the unigravitational field. Premise.

Section 4  Premise: current view on the new physic. We report the articles published among the years 1972-73, on the Neapolitan magazine Tempo nuovo: articles we consider fundamental for the theoretical overview of the unigravitational field and  at the same time would be unavailable for the modern readers. We are giving a short clarification ahead …

Section 5. (empty)

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Section 6. Description of the infinitesimal threshold of the physical universe.

Section 6 Description of the infinitesimal threshold of the physical universe. Introduction: A person is their mind and not their tools.  Modern physics was born from the incapacity of its guardian gods to establish logically correct relations between the usual and the apparently anomalous phenomena, by simply applying to the ones and the others a …