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B) Magnetism and heat (Third part).

 B) Magnetism and heat (Third part).

 Heat as a biological reactive: fever. The natural prophylaxis of tumors.


The study now made of thermodynamic on gravitational basis gives us the scientific instrument to face in a absolutely objective way, without emotive implications, the problem of cancer, which we mentioned in the premise to “Magnetism and heat”.

IL MATTINO from Naples, on the 30th January 1998 had an illustration of Marassi over Di Bella. There is the caricature of the professor, which, with a hand raised, makes a syringe sprinkle and proclaims: “My method heals from cancer, Alzheimer, sclerosis, malocchio and makes you win the lottery”.

The illustrator plays a typical attitude not only of medicine, but of all the modern science, constitutionally incapable of establishing correlations among apparently different phenomena, but to which is often subtended a common origin. The medical formality immediately felt, in fact, on duty of expressing its ironical skepticism on a person, which supports the efficacy of his finding for three different ailments, that it heals in a distinct and separate way.

We immediately say instead, even though not yet being able of expressing with certainty on the specific validity of the Di Bella treatment, basing on a our analysis dating back to the 1971 and that we publish here, that the particular unifying character ridiculed by Marassi is, in reality, an element in favor of the empirical results obtained by the professor.

The three ailments can be all together defined – metaphorically, but not so much – “diseases of the exposed wires”. The nervous cells in the process of senescence, spread in the old organism, but present in a small number also in the young subjects, shriveling loose their insulating protections and remain victims of electric shocks, burns, scarring.

Regarding cancer, it is available to the readers the investigation that we make follow and that refers to our communication of the 16th of April 1971, which is also published here. We report from an other page of the journal mentioned above, the description of the cause of onset of the multiple sclerosis, in an article by Evelina Perfetto:

         “Of considerable social impact (…) is also multiple sclerosis, a disease caused by the destruction of the myelin. Whitish, similar to fat, with a high electrical resistance and therefor with a good insulating capacity, myelin covers the nervous fibers to protect them and allow the transmission of the nervous impulses, that is of the orders that the brain sends to all the organs. To many has happened to observe what happen when an electric cable remains “uncovered”, for example the one of the plug of a lamp: all the system goes short circuit and the lamp, even though intact, does not turn on any more. The same, more or less, happens if in some point along the nerve the myelin coating is destroyed. The electrical impulse cannot any longer travel normally and therefore the transmission of the messages is slowed down or blocked.”

Evidently, the scandal made around the possible multiple valence of the drug falls in the official idiosyncrasy for every optic that looks beyond the tip of the nose. Moreover, the so called “cocktail” of the Di Bella treatment (somatostatina and other drugs) could be experimented in a less complicated an less “slow” way, by proving the restoration effect or reinvigorating of the electrical cellular resistance in vitro, on cells in precancerous state. We must observe that already other well known drugs, as the aspirin, has a similar efficacy, correlatively confirmed by the dangerous effect, to the extreme opposite, to prevent the aggregation of platelets and therefore to provoke bleedings. It is not to exclude a prophylactic usage, withing the limits of prudence, of the aspirin or of drugs with analogue action, among which there may be somatostatina itself (obviously, not at prices of pharmaceutical piracy).

In general, heat is the natural remedy against a superconductivity of biological nature, and in the experience as in the medical literature recurs the hyperthermic therapy both for cancer and for sclerosis. Once more the difference between the empirical and the etiologic knowledge is enormous. The current concept is that heat destroys cancerous cells, less resistant to it than normal ones. It is not, so, identified the primary corrective capacity of the precancerous states: capacity that resides in the function of restoring at a normal condition of electrical resistance the cells next to degeneration.

The damage of this limited point of view is double. The first is the chance, often verified, to exceed in the hyperthermic application, destroying tissues beyond the border between cancer and healthy parts, with the only purpose of destroying the diseased cells, instead that reactivating the cells not yet affected by the insult. The second is to not recognize the general preventive function of heat, rationally utilized, both in the direction of the prophylaxis of cancer and in the other of maintaining the entire organism in a more youthful and florid condition (usefulness of saunas, mud bath, thermal waters). Heat is, in definitive, the remedy instituted in general by nature against the phenomenon of “senescence”, that is the gravitational decadence of the organisms for excessive centripetal thickening (“drying up”, of which is consequence the cold warned by the elderly much more than by the young people). It is, by contrast, a factor of increasing of the events of gravitational “escape” between the molecules of the cells, such to counteract the sclerotisation of the organic intra-cellular substance caused by age.

The “muscular exercise” is a natural productive mechanism of the caloric effect and therefore useful to the purpose, rather to the above purposes. The muscles are rarely subjects to cancer, for the elevate temperature (up to 43°) that is produced in them, when they are activated. Birds, with normally elevated body temperature, don’t suffer from cancer.

But let’s get to the most important and universal example of heat-remedy employed by nature against the pathologies of the animal organisms. Paradoxically, in the recent decades it is right against it that man has unleashed himself in a often self-defeating fight. It is fever. Classical are cases of remission or even healing from tumors of different type after occasional bout of fever. The enormous increasing of cancer in the late times is certainly caused, over than for the other factors related to the deeply modified modern life environment (industrialization, pollution, etc.), also and above all for the drastic reduction of the phenomenon of fever caused by the anti-infective and anti-inflammatory drugs introduced by the medical usage.

Naturally, we are not here intending to make a campaign of misoneism against the positive aspects of these weapons of the modern medicine, that have been useful to vanquish many diseases that before were deadly. It is possible, moreover, to consider the opportunity of not exaggerating with the fight against occasional fevers and the utility, in certain cases, to give the unitary “rationality” of the laws of nature: quality continuously misunderstood by the indefinite specialization of the modern clinical-therapeutic method, that sees the nail and doesn’t see the hand.

23rd February 1998



We are now reporting the scientific communication from the 16th April 1971 published on Tempo nuovo 2/1971, to which we unite two related images: the one of the swelling of a cell, affected by intra-nuclear electric shock and by the starting of its mitosis nearly uncontrolled (Domenica del Corriere, 5th May 1974, service by Gian Franco Venè), and the other of the corresponding expanding process of a nova star (Nova Herculis 1934, by Paolo Maffei, Al di là della Luna, Biblioteca EST Mondadori, 1973).

Naples, 16th April 1971


The theoretical basis of this communication reside in a new science, the unigravitational physics, whose author is conscious that for the vast majority of the readers such a reference is without significance, because of the still reduced diffusion of the demonstrative writings. However, the extreme importance and urgency of the topic induce the author to prescind by such consideration, with the purpose of spreading in the faster possible way a fundamental acquisition relative to the etio-pathogenesis of cancer and to its biological cure.

The reader doesn’t have to yield to the first impression of venture, that such a statement could arouse, but may he judge peacefully what will follow, considering that a correct “reading” of the universal physical laws must have as its natural consequence the solution of the most complex and obscure biological problems.

The process that determines the onset of a cancer has a precise relevancy with a phenomenon well known on a cosmic scale: the operative law of the natural phenomena is in fact unique in macrocosm and microcosm and regards both the non biological substances and the living ones. The phenomenon, that here is necessarily summarized, is the following.

The gravitational thickening of matter brings to the formation of much thicker nuclei than the ones on peripheral zones and much better magnetically oriented. This implies a major regularity of the atomic and molecular motions both in depth and on the surface, and correlatively an increasingly higher electrical conductivity in proportion as we proceed toward the nucleus. The thickening continues normally gradually, through a series of cyclical localized crisis (for example, in the sunspots and protuberances, of character respectively seismic and volcanic), that gives place to successive phases of better asset with progressively decreasing temperature.

If the thickening is gradual, as it usually happens in bodies of not too high mass, the difference of density, of magnetic orientation and of the electrical conductivity between the various strata of gravitating matter won’t ever result excessive: the body thickens and cool down in regular progression, without dramatic episodes.

If instead, in bodies of high mass, the the thickening proceeds in a unbalanced way between the superdense center and the rarefied periphery, the nucleus becomes super conductive, ending up with nullifying in itself every electrical resistance to the impetuous interaction of the agitated surrounding strata. Then occurs a catastrophic event, completely identical to a huge lightning, that from the periphery breaks into the super conductive nucleus triggering an explosive chain process. Such is, among the stars, the genesis – very rare – of a “nova” or of a “supernova”.

Let’s now move our observation on a biological organism. The cells in their intimate structure undergo, as every material aggregate, a temporal process of condensation and cooling, whose last phase is senescence. This is precisely characterized by a cellular shrinkage and stiffening, typical signs of aging. Such process is normally slow and gradual, perfectly analogue to the one that transforms an expanded star in a dense and cold planet.

However some among the many billions of cells that compose an organism (very rare then, as it is a “nova” among the stars), irregularly thickened for an excessive and unbalanced accumulation of matter, it goes toward a catastrophe identical to the astral explosion: as a consequence, the sudden disorganizing of its parts and of its relations with the neighboring cells make the reproductive phenomenon irregular and unstoppable. Cancer starts its course.


If this analysis is correct, the prevention of such an event can only occur by thermally reactivating the cell, that is interrupting the process that establishes the superconductivity of the deep nucleus, too dense respect to the electrical agitated periphery. Well, the evident proof of this is constituted by the ascertained fact that cancer patients, accidentally hit by violent fevers, had seen the tumor regress. On the basis of these casual experiences, it has been successfully applied, in the “Regina Elena” institute of Rome, the hyperthermic perfusion: very high fevers, artificially provoked in the patients, has allowed to these, originally inoperable, a long survival.

The cancerous hotbed is in fact limited, because the surrounding cells, already about to undergo the same flashing process, is saved thanks to the thermal reactivation. Even though the previous tumor cells retain their autonomous reproductive property, new cancerous centers are not created and the already existing can be blocked or even destroyed by the antibody reaction of the organism. But by far the most important of the curative value against an already existing cancer, is the prophylactic aspect of the therapy: harmless fever reactive, practiced on time and periodically, will immunize with certainty by the disease.

It is easy to observe at this point, that the progress of tumors in the last decades has been caused not only by an extending of average life, thus of the senescence, and by the factors of the modern industrial era determining the gravitational overloading in the cells, but also – paradoxically – of the always minor incidence of the fever in the human organisms, because of the increasingly higher usage of drugs with high antipyretic action.

Obviously the same therapy, properly dosed, can be worth as a prophylaxis of the aging: to none will escape the meaning of such different and harmonic implications. Eliminated every empiricism with the consciousness of the biological basis of the phenomenon, it is open the most natural, easy and safe of the roads for the dominion of man over cancer and old age.

The residue of a “supernova”, exploded in 1054, is constituted by a nebula, denominated for its particular shape “Crab Nebula”. The name is identical to the one of the disease (Latin cancer = crab): those who called in the same manner two similar shapes, apparently heterogeneous in the substance, ignored that instead existed at the base an identical phenomenon, of which right that common name contained the prodigious explanation.

Renato Palmieri

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